July 12, 2022

Many parents believe that their child's creativity is determined genetically by random chance at conception, and their tiny human is either born with it or without it. We have good news! The truth is, creativity is more skill than genetics, and the best part is that it's a skill parents can cultivate and encourage within their children.

Is it worth it? Yes! Creativity is a crucial ingredient to success in so much of what we do in life. Therefore, it has a direct impact on our health and happiness. Strengthening your child's creativity means strengthening their problem-solving skills, increasing their social and emotional intelligence, and building their confidence. Fostering creativity in your child is one of the most important things you can do for them as a parent.

Here are some ideas for cultivating creativity in your kids:

 Allocate time for unstructured play

allocate time for unstructured play

Kids need time for imaginative play without adult direction and without a lot of commercial stuff involved. The more they have to create themselves the better. 

Our children are not growing up the same way as we did as kids. Toy and entertainment companies “do the creativity” for them. There is no need for our children to make their own sword with a stick because with a few clicks on Amazon, a specific light-saber and a Jedi costume can arrive on their doorstep. All they need to do now is re-enact what has already been done on the screen. 

As parents, it is our job to change the trajectory by bringing back the art of unstructured play and encouraging our children to create and improvise! 

 Encourage children to read and write for pleasure

Instead of turning on the TV or firing up a gaming station, point your child toward creative activities like learning how to draw, reading every book written by a favorite author, or free-writing in their own diary or journal. Studies show that journaling is one of the best ways to capture ideas and practice self-reflection, both critical skills for creatives. The younger your child starts, the better!

Don't reward children for demonstrating creativity

Don't reward children for demonstrating creativity

While we are big believers in rewarding children for a job well-done, we recommend holding off on incentives for creativity. Believe it or not, incentives interfere with the creative process because expectations are introduced, and now it becomes about "being good enough" rather than just being. 

Instead, reward children for their dedication and perseverance for a project. Say things like, "Wow! I can tell you really worked hard on this. I'm so proud of you for not giving up." Or, "Great job allowing yourself room to explore and make mistakes."

Embrace failure and teach your child to value the process more than the product

Embrace failure and teach your child to value the process more than the product.

YES! Let them fail and celebrate it when they do. Failure is never failure if something new is learned. Kids who are afraid to fail are often scared to try, and fear of judgment is the biggest enemy of creativity.

Help your child find freedom in failure by sharing mistakes you've made recently, laughing at yourself when you blow it, and pointing out valuable lessons the failure has taught you. Remind them that some of the most powerful and successful people in life have gotten where they are by making mistakes and growing in the process.

Change Up the Gift Wish List

Change Up the Gift Wish List

Next time someone asks for gift suggestions for your child, ask for things like books, locking diaries, journals, and sketch pads, art supplies, tools, building materials, tape, string, and costume pieces. You will be amazed at what your child comes up with when these things are put together! 

If you're looking for some great gift-ideas for Tweens check out our Ultimate Gift Guide for Tween Girls in 2022

Why a Diary with a Lock is a Great Gift to Help Kids Cultivate Creativity

A diary with a lock is a wonderful gift to children who want to explore their creativity and become confident expressing themselves without fear of judgment. The biggest enemy to creativity is embarrassment and being afraid of, "what others think."  A diary with a lock ensures privacy and a sense of security that allows creativity to flow freely.  

So, if you're looking for secret diary head over to Life is a Doodle. Our collection of locking diaries are waiting to be discovered and loved by your child! 

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