About Life Is A Doodle

The "Boy-Mom" behind the "Girl- Brand"

Hi There! I'm Rachael, a pastor's wife, an entrepreneur, and the luckiest momma of three very busy homeschooled boys! Yup. It's true. I am out numbered by the men in my life and they have left me no choice but to find my sparkles and glitter elsewhere. So, in 2020 I birthed Life is a Doodle - the daughter I never had. She is powerful, fun, and full of adventure!  

What I Do

I am passionate about instilling healthy mindsets and leadership skills into future generations. I believe there is nothing more powerful than encouraging young people to find their voice and use it for good in this world.

Life is a Doodle is dedicated to creating products that give children the privacy and space they need to find their voice, explore their creativity, and focus on mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness. 

The Perfect Gig for Me!

My passion for writing began as a child when I received my first locking dairy from a 4th grade book fair. My passion for leadership began in my teen years after completing John Maxwell's course, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership." I found myself thinking, "I wish I learned all of this sooner!" So, at the ripe age of 18 I created my first workbook for young girls called, "Ground Breakers" and I began leading a middle-school girls group at my church while using the workbook as a guide. The group focused on strengthening leadership skills and character on a "kid level" during such influential years. It was during this season of my life that I fell in love with the 10 - 14 year old age group. 

For over two decades I have worked with hundreds of children in Children's Ministry and in theater. I am passionate about instilling healthy mindsets and leadership skills into the next generation. Life is a Doodle is an extension of my passion and I am so blessed to do what I love so much!

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